Level Up

by Alfred Ladylike

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music video by Tom Moore: youtu.be/Is-hZazbiTg


I'm an expert dragon slayer
training noobs in my spare time
need a mount? hey, I'm your player
you can borrow one of mine

log on to this and find out why
the nerd-boys all want me
if there's money in your guild bank
you can get some PvP action!

choking myself on my
own elite skill
experience is off the charts
I leave a trail of broken hearts

but shhh, got a secret
other character I rolled
I can't even say the spells yet
with my level so low
I only mouth them

level up, level up, ah oh
level up, level up, ah oh
level up, level up, ah oh
level up up up

just wait till I show you
my new class' buff
I'll keep questing, never resting
till my stats are high enough

I need to get out of the noob zone
craft a weapon, use it to pwn
scoring hits that are critical
on twinks that are pitiful
gotta keep grinding…


now help me get XP
and then press the K key
to witness my skill tree
go completely crazy

M-M-Oh, no you didn't!
try to player-kill this cat
I got minions, men and womens,
gonna roll up on ya ass!
so join my party!

help me up up up
get me up up up
level up!


released October 31, 2014
words and music by Alfred Ladylike
arranged and produced by Zhaozhou Aghora
recorded by Uwe Haas
cover art by Tom Moore




Alfred Ladylike Berlin, Germany

quirky yet soulful songstress banging out witty little ditties on the ukulele and juicy folktronica jams. frontwoman of Donut Heart!

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